About SmallerTingz.!

About SmallerTingz.!

SmallerTingz LLC was founded in year 2020, by a Young Talented BLACK QUEEN.

I Adore all my Babe's from your COLOR to your SIZE !

BUT I did notice that alot of upcoming boutiques really didnt have my size (bummer) (noted: I am a small Short Woman)

Being the supporter I naturally am, I Love to see Women Win !, anyways some of my FB friends starting selling some really cute stuff or something I will find and buy online. Long story short Nothing really fit how I wanted, even doe I purchased smalls and xsmalls. I am tired , I am sick.....DING !!!!

MAKE YOUR OWN BRAND FOR YOUR SMALLER WOMEN! Can I do it? Will it be hard? Think, Take your time. I searched and searched for EVERYTHING. You are Smart, You can do this. EVERYTHING will be hand-picked. EVERYTHING will be true to size. EVERYTHING WILL FIT!!! WHILE WITH AFFORDABLE PRICES OF COURSE BOO. 


No, I haven't forgotten about my other TINGZ. The ACCESSORIES are here too. Anything you want from BAGS to JEWELRY Boo. 


I found myself in a world full of Inspiring Women Entrepreneur's Arduous to bring up a Broken Economy.

EVERYDAY IS A NEW DAY FOR A CHANGE. so on my website I would LOVE to feature other upcoming Women Entrepreneur's. So please Subscribe so you will not miss the "Women Upbringing Entrepreneur's" Email I will have for you guys. Sometimes the best gift to an Entrepreneur is a simple "SHARE".